Digital Menu Board (Signage Player) With Custom Design

£399.00 £299.00 £299.00


  • Create mouth-watering digital menu board in minutes.
  • No need to pay to the designer.
  • Cheaper than USB menu board.
  • Update whenever you want without the help of any designer.
  • 100’s of pre-designed template ready for edit.
  • Special Features for Food Chain Owners.
  • Display your offer within no time.
  • Create a slideshow for different offers.
  • Schedule your offer’s for upcoming events.
  • Remotely Control 1-1000 screens with one account.
Create & Publish in Minutes

You can create your menu board and publish it to your screen in a few minutes.

Built in Design Studio & Image Library

You don’t need any expensive designer to create your menu board . We gather everything you need in our signage studio. Now it time to show your creativity to the world.

Create your slideshow

Now you can upload your images & videos, you can create your slideshow in just a few minutes.

Quickly update your Digital Menu Board Content

Updating your menu board content is easy, log into your account online, edit the content and publish then watch as your menus update. Or using our Dynamic Data Plug-in, you can update and upload your menu board content. The embed cloud digital menu solution gives you the flexibility to update your menu board content to a single screen, groups of displays or your entire global network quickly and efficiently.